How Your ESL English School Began

I taught in mainland China in the 1980s. Then, in east Europe after the ‘Wall’ fell. Then, in and on the Mexican border with Texas for about ten years. We then decided to put our school online, because of the many successful students we have had.

We have used, tested and structured the ESL Course of our school for the student’s use to best learn English, continue to grow in its correct use and master English to a college level entrance level. A graduate will be able to think, converse, write, discern and continue to grow in their use of English.

All students will be able and allowed to learn at their own pace for as long as they desire or need. The ESL Course is a school and not conversational. It will provide the best method for the student to learn and continue on their own to grow in their use of English, just as a native English speaker and user does.

Our wish is that you enjoy the Course over the years. We know you will find it difficult for a while, but soon it will ease and become part of your learning method.

The best to you from
Max Moore